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Architecture Photography

Architecture Photography


Architecture photography has always been of interest to me. The leading lines, vibrant colors and symmetry of buildings around the world is inspiring. The way you choose to tell the story of a particular structure is something I enjoy very much. Sometimes, the story is about that building itself and the details of that structure are the main focal point. Other times it’s about the relationship each structure has to it’s surrounding environment.

Architecture photos can almost be seen as portrait work. Taking a portrait of a building and revealing it’s inner personality. My favorite photos are often times the ones that combine man made and natural beauty. We’re all so intricately connected, I try to emphasize that connection through the work.

Travel photography offers photographers unlimited opportunities to capture stunning scenes in their own back yards and around the world. 

Different styles of architecture influence their surroundings and bring inspiration to onlookers for years to come. That’s why architectural photography has always fascinated Aileen Sideris.

In this gallery of architectural fine art prints you’ll find a wide array of styles ranging from contemporary and modern buildings to ancient temples and structures.

Black and white photograph of a train passing by, taken in Tokyo, Japan

The Process


Preparing for an architectural shoot involves research, planning and a bit of luck. The first step is deciding the structure I’d like to shoot, the time of day and the style I’d like to shoot in. 

Then, I plan on visiting the site, taking into consideration where the sun will be and how many, if any, people might be at the same location too.

Deciding to include people in some shots depends on the look and feel of the image I’m trying to achieve. Sometimes, as seen in the image below, a few passersby can add an interesting element, but it really depends on the image and your own personal preference. 

Everyone could always use a bit of luck and photographers are no different. There are many times while exploring a city street that I discover a building I’ve never seen before or a scene that I wasn’t expecting to stumble upon. I don’t like to miss opportunities, so photographing these unexpected scenes is a must and I’m always glad when I do.


Black and white photograph of a scene filled with symmetrical lines and architecture. Taken in Tokyo, Japan



Every city is unique and because of that there truly are no limits to where you can go to find the perfect shot. With that being said, one of my favorite cities to photograph just happens to be my hometown of New York. Maybe it’s because I’m from there or maybe it’s because of the endless amount of diversity in people, types of architecture, statues, and places to visit. But, whatever the reasons may be doesn’t change the fact that for me, it’s always been one of my favorite photography playgrounds. 

Having traveled around the world, to Europe, Asia, and across the United States, travel has always been exhilarating to me. Being dropped into a country or city you’ve never been to before has this magical way of making every experience and sight incredibly special and I’m always grateful for that.