Photographer Aileen Sideris

Aileen Sideris has spent her life taking photographs around the world. She’s dedicated to capturing the beauty, elegance, and wonder that lies in every city, state, and country on our planet. Born and raised in New York City, she grew up with a deep admiration for natural and man made beauty. She was fascinated by different cultures and places from a very young age and had dreams of visiting countries like Italy, Greece, India, and Spain. 

Aileen revered photographs from National Geographic and decided early on that she would spend her life traveling, telling stories that deserved to be told through the lens. After spending nine months in India during a two year tour of the world, she realized how much more of the world needed to be experienced and photographed. She’s traveled across America, Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa, and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. Her future travel plans include an extended trip to Europe, specifically to Italy, Greece, The Czech Republic, and Poland. 

Being a firm believer in the fair treatment of people and animals, she continues to use her photography and story telling abilities to promote positive change in the world we live in. Focusing on the deep emotional capacities that animals have is of particular interest to Aileen. Future work will include a strong emphasis on the connections between people and animals and how those connections are changing what we know about how animals think and feel and what we can do to protect them on a larger scale. 

One organization Aileen Sideris has been a promoter of for years is Mercy for Animals, an animal rights organization focused on exposing and correcting abuse to animals on factory farms. Aileen is happily vegetarian and encourages harm-free lifestyles through volunteering and with her own photography work.