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My time spent in Japan was nothing short of incredible. Visiting ancient Japanese temples in Kyoto was a dream come true. These temples were so serene, peaceful, and elegant. Some of my favorite architectural photos from Japan focus on temples and temple grounds which are equally impressive. 

I feel incredibly lucky to have spent time in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and various other parts of Japan. There was so much to see and experience. I was particularly fond of the way Tokyo felt as a city. You were in a busy city with cars honking and tall buildings, but it didn’t feel stressful at all. I  think part of that stress-free feel was due to the enormous amounts of nature you find in even the busiest of city neighborhoods. Trees so tall and branches so strong they lean into the street, allowing you to touch it’s leaves as you walk by. You won’t find such a connection to nature in most big cities, but Tokyo was different in this way. 

Spending time in Kyoto was very different. The city looks and feels like you’re stepping back in time, but with all the amenities and fixings of any other modern city. This was where I photographed the most temples and also where I was able to capture some stunning panoramic shots of the city.

These Japan photos remind me of my time there, I hope to go back very soon.

Black and white sketch of a street in Tokyo, Japan

Photographs of Japan


Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun as it’s called, is an incredible country that I’m lucky enough to have spent time in. There are many reasons to visit Japan, from it’s stunning ancient architecture and temples to it’s enchanted forests and bustling city streets. 

For me, visiting Japan was a trip unlike any other and it produced some of my favorite fine art prints that I’ll always treasure. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Although I had planned quite a bit, planning was very different than actually being there, in all the best ways. My time there was spent, camera in hand, walking the streets of Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, visiting temples, and experiencing bamboo forests for the first time in my life.

Colorful photograph of women dressed up in kimonos overlooking Kyoto downtown, Mountains can be seen in the distance

The Process


Planning my trip to Japan was as exhilarating as it was frustrating. Frustrating since the more research I did on Japan, the more places I wanted to see! It would take more time than I had to see them all, but I wanted to experience them all nonetheless.

 From Japan’s forests, it’s incredible architecture, restaurants, nightlife, and rich history, it’s truly a photographers paradise and I was elated to be there. I really love the quote “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” by Norman Vincent Peale. Although I wasn’t able to see everything, because I had so many places as part of my itinerary, I did end up visiting the majority of the locations I wanted to photograph, leaving me with a few reasons to go back.

Photograph of a temple taken in Kyoto, Japan. Image looks very old, with sepia tones. There’s a dragon statue in the front of a very old looking temple

Trip Highlights


There are so many places and moments that are worth mentioning. Riding the bullet train, visiting Buddhist temples in city areas and in less densely populated areas and visiting the Imperial Palace for the first time stand out in my memory.

 Walking the streets of Tokyo and experiencing the very strong connection that’s maintained between natural and man-made beauty on even the busiest city streets astonished me. That was perhaps my biggest joy and my biggest surprise, a happy one at that.

Black and white, symmetrical image with leading lines. The sky is cloudy, the focus is on a mirror reflecting the street below. Taken in Tokyo, Japan