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Nature Photography


Nature photography to me is an all encompassing area of photography. It brings together water photography, sky photography, and tree photography as well. Nature itself is so unifying, connecting animals, humans, and the earth to each other elegantly and delicately. That’s why it’s so important to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. It helps you, animals, and the rest of the planet live the best life possible. By making simple meal changes and moving closer to a vegetarian lifestyle, you can save thousands of animals lives. Each individual has strength beyond measure, and collectively we are able to make a difference.

Spending time in nature has always felt right to me. With more and more studies coming out confirming the benefits of time spent in nature on the psyche, it’s no wonder. When you go for a hike to a tall mountain top or visit the beach and watch the waves crash against the short, you’re going back to where we all came from. It feels like home to me and really, it should. 

Being a photographer, I’ve been lucky enough to capture some incredible moments out in the wild. From hiking soaring mountains in India to photographing ancient trees and temples in Japan, there are no limits to the number of places a love of nature might take you to.

Photograph of two birds gently walking across water in their natural habitats on an overcast, winter day.