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Street Sketch


Dimensions: 8″ x 12″

Behind the Image

Street Sketch

Street Sketch is an image that takes you off the beaten path and brings you a different kind of photograph. Although it looks like it’s a page from a comic book or graphic novel, this started out as an actual photograph taken while in Tokyo, Japan.

The street lights, the buildings, the people walking around the city getting ready to start their nights. It was all here, so much life in one photograph, which is why this is one image from my time in Japan that’s always stood out for me and always will.

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The Process



Photographs created by Aileen Sideris are certain to amaze and fascinate the viewer. The striking colors, balanced composition, and…


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Giving Back

With the purchase of each print, 10% is donated to Mercy for Animals, a non-profit organization founded in 1999. Mercy for Animals mission is to…


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