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Sky Photography


Sky Photography


Sky images have always been some of my favorite to capture. I’ve always loved how spontaneous they are, you really can’t predict that the skies will part to reveal one of the most stunning rays of light that you’ve ever seen. But, when it does happen, I try to be there with my camera to capture the magic of that moment.

Sky photography can be categorized as travel photography and nature photography in my opinion. Incorporating surrounding elements like trees, earth, mountains, and buildings helps to tell an interesting story about a time and a place.

The vibrant colors you experience during sunset and sunrise hours are like no other. Bright reds, yellows, and oranges that leave a lasting impression on those who are lucky enough to experience them. Clouds being a part of the image help to add a welcomed extra layer of complexity.

Sky photos bring the viewer to a time and place, sometimes a memory, other-times a place they’d like to be in the not so distant future. It has the ability to transport the viewer by helping them to immediately feel calm, relaxed, and introspective. One of my favorite things about sky pictures is the way it makes me feel. I try to capture that feeling in the photographs I take.

Beautiful orange and yellow sunset with the Los Angeles city skyline in the distance. The silhouettes of mountains and trees are in the foreground.