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Travel Photography


Travel photography to me is an all encompassing area of photography that includes both nature photography and architecture photography. One of the things that drew my to photography was my love for travel. It was the way photography was able to capture these incredible, once in a life time moments you experience while away from home.

Traveling is so important to me, it opens your mind and your eyes to a new reality. You get to connect with people and places in ways you never could have imagined you would. The ability to capture those feelings in these travel prints is a gift to me and one that I’ve always treasured. 

One of the great things about travel photography is the places it can take you. Your love of photography and desire to shoot and experience nature and cities will bring you to the highest mountain peaks, to the largest oceans and the most interesting and unique cities on the planet.

That’s what travel photography is to me. Photography is an incredible medium that gives you the amazing ability to tell a story in the palm of your hand. Sometimes the whole story is in that one image, other times the image only contains a beginning, middle, or end. Either way, it’s a story that should be told and you’re the lucky one who gets to tell it.

Winter scene in New York of Bryant Park. The fountain at Bryant Park can be seen along with trees in the winter.