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Tree Photography


Tree Photography


Trees have always been one of my favorite subjects. When viewers look at the tree pictures I take, I hope they see them as much as portrait work as much as they do nature photography. There are so many different kinds of trees and all have vastly different stories that I believe should be told. 

Incorporating the surrounding areas around trees has always been a happy challenge. This is essentially the trees home and I try to pay homage to that.

Tree photos are all so incredibly different, some being small and fragile and other trees being unbelievably massive and strong. They’re home to creatures in nature and have provided us with shelter and improve air quality for all of us. 

They deserve to be treated with respect. The more aware we become of how important trees and forests are to all life on earth, the happier and healthier we all will be.

Conservation efforts are being made to save trees and protect rainforests. There are things being done on large scales to help protect the planet, but there are things we can do too.

By being aware of how much paper we use, recycling, and moving closer towards a cruelty-free lifestyle by reducing the amount of meat we eat are all things that can be done on a daily basis that have a massive positive global impact.

Photograph of a tree log covered in beautiful vines and leaves changing colors from fall. Taken in upstate New York.